The Underground Art Society

The Underground Art Society (TUAS) emerges as a contemporary art space by  Shambavi Shankar who is based in Malaysia. TUAS – is a testament to art in the everyday.


Our inception stemmed from a yearning for a space where creativity could flourish without constraints and by experimenting with diverse art personalities. We also firmly believe that art should break free from the confines of traditional gallery spaces and seamlessly integrate into our daily lives. Started as an art project, TUAS quickly evolved into an e-commerce platform – offering a diverse range of distinctive and original designs, from canvas paintings, mural art services, and personalized products.

Meet the Artist

Beyond being the founder, Shambavi Shankar is an artist. Her vision is to seamlessly blend traditional artistry with a contemporary twist. Her canvas spans from traditional acrylic paintings, mixed media to digital artworks.

Art in the Everyday

TUAS’s commitment is to infuse art into daily life and this goes beyond mere aesthetics — where art seamlessly integrates into your daily life.

The Work in Progress

In celebrating the art process, the thought process of an artist is acknowledged, making each stroke a part of a larger narrative — from conception to completion. 

Let’s connect

If you’re passionate about art and share the vision for creative collaboration, we’d love to hear from you! Whether you’re an artist, designer, or enthusiast, TUAS is always open to exciting collaborations.