About TUAS

“This is a story that started with a lack of story”

The Art

“I don’t have much of a story. I love art and I consume it in every way I enjoy without restrictions…but we all know that doesn’t quite make the cut.  An artist who cannot pen down a 100-word profile on what your art identity is. Not a good start to be the next Rothko or Dali and I have refrained my creative energy at times to conform into a label I thought I was meant to follow. But it wasn’t right… So, I let them all go crazy and watch them grow”

Origin story

The Underground Art Society (TUAS) is a group of art personalities previously locked in a body of suppressed creativity. TUAS does not want to conform to the notion that your art needs to be defined. TUAS is made of different art journeys by different art personas.

Meet the personalities

Wired weird

Illustrator and desk doodler. Makes incoherent doodles that she finds amusing. Sometimes her good friends laugh at them, sometimes they casually divert to other conversations. She‘s actually made some decent narrative visuals. If at this rate you’ll laugh at anything, do visit the blog she runs: Comic Clog

Twisted reality

Non-binary. This is what it must feel like transiting between souls finding your identity. More closer to the truth than any one of us, with psychic guidance to steer the imagination; most illustrations are fueled by sleep deprivation, caffeine and a song on loop. All artwork tagged #trippy belongs to this person.

Poetic Lover

Deluded, tortured soul reminiscing her tragic love story with one musician who took his life. That was probably a novel she read last week. Or did that actually happen to her last year. Well, she can’t tell between what is real and not. Also, she lost her sense of time due to excessive zoning out. Make sure to check out her moderately happy to slightly depressing postcards coming soon (she clearly can’t follow our deadlines).

Basic Bee

Some call it basic, some call it classic. Jimmy was supposed to be a lawyer cum tattoo artist but he failed at both. He truly believes he is the incarnation of James Dean. Jimmy enjoys unstructured lines, simple figures, random designs like a skull with piercings or a blind-folded t-rex. Maybe you’ll like it, maybe you can make something more elaborate. Aid your creation with Jimmy’s downloadable images: Digital Downloads.

The machine

You can often find her wearing something black mourning the loss of her childhood. She accepts artwork commissioning from designing a mug to painting murals while juggling a day job she actually loves. Probably the only responsible art personality, she’s the one that pays the bills here. Can be a pushover but depending on the phase of the moon, might say no to some requests. Probably the best person to approach for your Custom-made Products.


It’s not just made of art personalities but also members who have supported the TUAS journey by connecting the art in every form possible to people who can resonate and cherish it. TUAS today, aspires to incorporate art in the everyday.

if you’d like to team up for whatever crazy project, let’s…


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